Life shouldn't be all doom and gloom, should it?

A fun and enjoyable time being back in the studio in Letna, Prague. With 8 new students from America and Canada on an art break retreat. Even though we could all speak in the same language and understand one another, what I pleasantly encountered was the sheer diversity and dynamic creativity that came through in their visual language and what resulted in their final outcomes. Collectively, it worked well; the group shared ideas and I encouraged them to give feedback in every session. In terms of individualistically, it was evident that there were moments of fun and enjoyment, hence the wonderful work that came out of the workshops.  I feel that a true sense of fun and enjoyment, whilst being creative is strongly missing in all realms throughout our current society and I believe we should all embrace it a bit more. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and a big thank you to Richard, Doug and Klara! 

Stay creative! 😉

'Mind the gap' - opening 1st March in London

The term “mind the gap,” is irrevocably linked with the London Underground’s audible and visual warning to passengers crossing the spatial gap between the platform and its train carriages. The phrase was first coined in 1968 and introduced across London Underground stations in 1969 at the same time as the Race Relations Act was making its way through Parliament. This was the 'Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom making it illegal to refuse housing, employment, or public services to a person on the grounds of colour, race, ethnic or national origins.’                                 

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, the UK remains a divided nation. According to the Home Office in October 2018, hate crime has increased by more than double in the last five years with no sign of abating. With Brexit imminent, this is a crucial time to create a dialogue to try to prevent any further tensions.

Mind the Gap is a mixed media exhibition of works by London born artist, Ali Tareen, exploring nationalistic themes of division and race. This is Ali’s first exhibition in London in over 10 years and the final exhibition at Ma-Wah Gallery.

Ali was born in East London studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, graduating with a First. He has had solo and group exhibitions in Czechia, the UK and Spain and his works are in private collections across the UK, Europe, the USA, Russia and Australia.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on the 1st March and runs until 8th March.

Mah Wah Gallery,

200A Chingford Mount Road,

London, E4 8JR