Photos from the 'Whispers from my heart'/ Pecha Kucha night!

ali-tareen at pecha kucha night, czechia

Here are the photos from the 'Whispers from my heart' / Pecha Kucha volume 3 night at  Ferdinandův pramen Mariánské Lázně.

I gave a speech to a warm crowd which quite strangely felt natural and smooth (considering that I used to be an introvert and dread talking in front of other people)

Guest speakers then spoke in the traditional Pecha Kucha form. Every guest had to speak in
20 seconds, using 20 slides.  The guest speakers were; Jitka Marelova, Atelier Vltava s.r.o. - architektonický atelier, Martina Singerová, Katarína Thótová, Markéta Jáchimová, Alžběta Jungrová, Mark Juszczak, Luboš Klabík, Martin Matoušek, Michael Tomalik and Adam Gebrian.

The speakers had all different backgrounds, ranging from photography, product design, architecture, painting, space colonization strategist and jewellery.

The after party swung in full force afterwards with Dj Johana providing music.

Finally a big thank you to Vojtěch Franta for making this happen.

All photos were taken by Lucie Pumprová.


photos - Lucie Pumprová (c)2014