‘Money Wins’ (Vaclav Havel), mixed media on paper, 2015

‘Agrofert Repulika’ (Andrej Babis), mixed media on canvas, 2015

‘Beware of Pickpockets’ (Vaclav Klauss), mixed media on paper, 2012

'Kunda sem, kunda tam’ (cunts here, cunts there) (Milos Zeman), mixed media on wood, 2015


This set of work explores and questions the male domination within the politics of the Czech Republic, juxtaposed with elements of sex, ego, power, death, and satire.

Vaclav Havel, the first post-communist Czechoslovakian president who lead the country to a democratic society and was partly responsible for the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1992, creating one of the most peaceful separations from another nation in modern history. Diseased since, 2011, he is depicted here as a man symbolically torn in half whilst looking at the current state of the Czech Republic.

The invasion of public discourse by ANO’s 2014 campaign for the European elections, in which Andrej Babis recruited Barack Obama’s PR team to buy his way into popularity, Tareen set out explore in his art the nature of the dark compromises that Czech society is forced to make with its male politicians.

Dwelling on Babis’ illustrious past as an alleged former secret police informer for the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, Tareen questions Babis’ motives as the country’s second richest man, and attempts to expose the inherent contradictions between the role Babis plays as the country’s finance minister and his oligarchic tendencies. (*currently the prime minister)  

The Czechs’ dissatisfaction with their president Milos Zeman, a divisive figure who is known internationally for his love for the bottle and a lack respect for women’s rights, has been portrayed as the weaker of the sexes, passive in character, intoxicated by alcohol. His infamous radio interview in 2014 where he referred to Russian feminist protest punk rock group, Pussy Riot as ‘Kurva, kunda sem, kunda tam’ (translates to bitches, cunts here, cunts there) The woman behind him is robust, strong and is proud of her right to be a woman with nothing to hide.

Former President Vaclav Klaus, portrayed pocketing a pen, juxtaposed with a Czech label, warning passengers on the public transport to be careful of pickpockets.

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