Vanity Sluts

‘Medusa’, mixed media on canvas, 2016

‘The Outsiders’, pen and acrylic on canvas, 2016

‘Vanity Slut’, mixed media on canvas, 2016


Vanity Sluts is a collection of work that raises questions about the vain and narcissistic behaviours of the self-interested human ego through the abuse and misuse of animals. This is juxtaposed with the ambiguous existential relationship between sex and death. The fur of a dead fox on a humans head, lipstick tested on rabbits, a stuffed animal on a wall...

In a world where the idea of some lives seem to be less important than others, gives a strong indication that suggests quite evidently that something is not quite right with our society. Is it ethically correct to torture and test on animals for cosmetic purposes in order to make a person seem 'more physically attractive'? Is it morally ethical to kill animals and use them for narcissistic decoration? Why is vanity celebrated via death? How is the appeal of attraction glorified by the usage of death?

Tareen focuses on asking questions to the viewer, opposed to explicitly giving answers. This collection should also not be mistaken as a protest, but rather as a forum for widening a discussion based on this theme.