ali tareen spray paint art project comission video filmed at karlin studios prague/praha central saint martins

Ali Tareen



Approached and commissioned by agency, Wunderman, Prague to make one off pieces on 1 litre wine bottles with the concept ‘Sweet Dreams’ for a Christmas gift to their clients. The concept was to give every single bottle a personal feeling, with every bottle having its own unique character and mood. The method chosen was to spray paint for a landscape dream effect. 750 landscape one-off originals onto bottles were produced within a month. Below is a case study of the project.



A talk about 'The Hope of Wrecks' exhibition which I participated in. Curated by Andrew Marsh and Simon Hollington. This talk is an exploration about the ideas behind the project in relation to contemporary fine art practice within the current cultural/political landscape. As a crowd-pleasing finale they will attempt to answer the age old questions 'Does hope really spring eternal?' and 'How much is that doggy in the window-the one with the waggley tail?'



A music video shot at my Studio. Thoola, 'Heart Loss'